Overview of our curriculum

A commitment to excellence

All teachers of FanerArt are subject to specific education, they have high-level professional skills in their subject fields, and also have a wealth of teaching experience, with unique views on teaching.

Currently, the school established with three departments, the curriculum covers Music, Dance, Art, Language and sciences.


Piano. Violín. Vocal and Chorus. Gu Zheng & Gu Qin. Vocal and Chorus.


Teacher Chen Wenjia.
Profesora Chen Wenjia, master student of Central Conservatory of Music, the highest music institution in China, the former lecturer of Music and Dance College of National Huaqiao University, under the guidance of famous pianist Zheng Xiaofeng and Professor Pan Chun. Profesora Chen Wenjia has strict requirements, rich and comprehensive music knowledge, advocates equal emphasis on basic skills and music, and attaches great importance to the processing of details. To date, her students have maintained a 90% excellence rate in the Royal Academy of Music exams (the global average excellence rate is 32%). Teaching experience: 19 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching hours: whole day
(Note: 1 class per week, about 4 classes per month)
Teacher Hang.
Profesora Hang, who started learning piano as a child, graduated from the Torrete Conservatory with a Special Honorary award. Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the Joaquin Rodrigue Conservatory of Music in Valencia, Master’s degree in Piano Performance from the International Academy of Performance in Valencia, studied under the famous European piano educator Breno Ambrossini. In college, she studied with Romana Podsadecka at the 135-year-history Krakow Conservatory of Music in Poland. Her teaching style focuses on the development of basic skills and will focus on students’ sensitivity to music and creativity. Teaching experience: 10 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching hours: Friday afternoon; Saturday afternoon and night
(Note: 1 class per week, about 4 classes per month)


Profesora Laura Tarrasó

Profesora Laura Tarrasó, Master’s degree in Violin performance and music education at the Conservatory of Music in Milan, Italy. In terms of teaching, she not only systematically studied the Suzuki education method, but also studied other educational methods: such as little Mozart, Dalcroze and so on. Her teaching style is delicate, paying attention to students’ feelings in class, and can adjust the teaching method timely through students’ feedback, which is suitable for students who like delicate, gentle and elegant style. Teaching experience: 5 years.

Teaching hours: Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday whole day. 
Teacher Josep Ribera

Profesor Josep Ribera I Vañó, Bachelor of Violin Performance from the Joaquin Rodrigue Conservatory of Valencia, Master of Violin Performance from the International Academy of Performing Arts of Valencia, Master of Orchestral music from the Conservatoire de Daymolde, Germany. He studied for 10 years with Gjorgi Dimchevski, Principal Violinist of the Spanish National Symphony Orchestra. He has been with the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, the Valencia Orchestra, etc., and has 9 years of symphony orchestra experience. Suitable for students who like passion, showy skills, and highly expressive.

Teaching hours: the  afternoon of Mondy, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vocal and Chorus

Teacher María kosenkova
Profesora María kosenkova Mezzo, studied as an undergraduate in the Department of Vocal Opera at the Odessa Higher Conservatory of Music in Ukraine. Compared with other vocal teachers, Maria is more outstanding and powerful because she has two master’s degrees in vocal music: one is from the Odessa State Conservatory of Music in Ukraine, which has a history of 110 years. The other is the best public music school in Valencia, the Joaquin Rodrigue Conservatory. With her solid learning experience, Maria has been exposed to a variety of teaching methods and styles, which makes her better than other teachers in both singing and teaching. Marí has taught students from different countries and styles (bel Canto, pop, etc.) and has interned at Palau de Arts Reina Sofia, the opera studio of Placido Domingo, one of the three tenors of the world. Teaching experience: 16 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching hours: the  afternoon of Mondy, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
(Note: 1 class per week, about 4 classes per month)

Gu Zheng & Gu Qin

Teacher Done Wenjing
Profesora Done Wenjing, Guzheng Guqin expert teacher. She is: China National Orchestra Association Guqin Professional Committee Member; Examiner of Music Grading Committee of Chinese Musicians Association; Vice President of Guzheng Teaching Research Association of China National Instrumental Music Association; Fujian Art Vocational Education Society, Vice President of Xiamen Guzheng Youth Association; Xiamen Guqin Association vice president, Longren Guqin external expert. Master of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, studied under Guqin master Professor Ding Chengyun. She used to be a teacher of Guqin and Guzheng in College of Music and Dance of National Huaqiao University, and is now teacher of Quality Education Center of Wuhan University of Technology. Long-term commitment to the teaching and theoretical research of guzheng and Guqin: chaired 4 projects, published 8 papers in various journals. Teaching experience: 19 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching format: online
Class time: Saturday, Sunday afternoon (Daylight Saving Time)
13:30-14:15 Guzheng
14:15-15:00 Guzheng
15:00-15:45 Guqin
(Note: 1 class per week, about 4 classes per month)

Music theory

Teacher Chen Wenjia
Profesora Chen Wenjia: Master of Composition and Composition Technology Theory, Central Conservatory of Music, China, former lecturer at the College of Music and Dance, National Huaqiao University. She began to study piano at the age of four and studied composition, music theory and solfeggio at the age of 11. At the age of 12, she was admitted to the composition major of the Affiliated Middle School of Wuhan Conservatory of Music. She studied music theory three times at the age of 11, 15 and 17, under the guidance of Professor Gao Hongxiang, a leading figure in music theory. At the age of 18, she was admitted to the composition and composition Theory major of the Central Conservatory of Music, and studied all the courses required by Emperor’s music Theory: composition, harmony, musical form and work analysis, orchestration, polyphony. During the work period from 2010 to 2018, many students under her guidance were admitted to China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Beijing Film Academy, Birmingham Conservatory of Music and other well-known universities with the highest score in theory courses in China.
Teaching audience: children
Teaching hours: Sunday 17:30-18:30
Small class of 2-4 students.
(Note: 1 class per week, about 4 classes per month)

Section of Dancing,Body-Building, Art

Classical Dance. Pop Dance. Yoga. Flamenco. Art.

Classical Dance

Teacher Liu Shuang
Profesor Liu Shuang, Bachelor’s degree from Tianjin Normal University, Master’s degree from Luhansk State University, Ukraine. She began to learn dancing at the age of 8 and is a member of the Chinese Dancers Association. In 2010, he joined Huaqiao University, one of the top 100 universities in China, as a dance teacher. During his tenure, he has been to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and other places for teaching and performing activities, and has been a teacher of Chinese talent training activities organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council for a long time. He is often invited to participate in large-scale performances by CCTV and local TV stations. Choreographed and created many dance works, musicals, and evening parties, and won awards. Teaching experience: 14 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching hours: whole day
Class size: 3 students in class, 10 students maximum
(Note: customized private lessons supported)

Classical Dance

Daniela Arango
Daniela Arango, has been studying dance at the BDance School since 2012 and has been there for more than 10 years. During her studies, she participated in various trainings, such as Hip pop, Feel the Bounce, and attended the Millennium Dance Center professional intensive training seminar in Los Angeles in 2018. 5 years of teaching and choreography experience. She is good at choreographing and improving the movements on the spot according to the different characteristics of the students. Thanks to Dniela’s rich learning experience, she has mastered many types of dance, such as: Danza Urbana, Korean girl group and male group, Hip pop,poping, etc.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Teaching hours: Friday 19:30-21:00,Saturday17:30-19:00,Sunday 17:30-19:00
Class size: 3 students in class, 10 students maximum
(Note: customized private lessons supported)


Yolanda is an experienced yoga instructor skilled in Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, and recently obtained a Pilates certificate. She has been practicing yoga for more than ten years. With the help of a yoga wheel, she helps students build muscle strength, flexibility and balance. She also helps students improve their physical and mental health by practicing yoga and meditation. Participants are guided by her through specific exercises to relieve back pain, reduce stress and improve sleep quality.
Teaching audience: adults
Teaching hours: Monday 19:30-20:30, Wednesday 19:30-20:30
Class size: 3 students in class, 10 students maximum
(Note: customized private lessons supported)


Teacher Paco Salmerón

Señor Paco Salmerón, Invited teacher, Director of the Dance Academy of Valencia
Paco is currently the Director of the Dance Academy of Valencia, a renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher of Spanish dance and flamenco, and holds a degree in Spanish dance pedagogy from the Higher Conservatory of Valencia.
As a professional dancer with over 20 years of experience, Paco has collaborated with renowned artists such as Carmen Linares in international music festivals and has performed in Italy, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and China.
Prior to his appointment as Director of the Dance Academy of Valencia, Paco also worked as a teacher in several professional dance schools.


Teacher Estela Borja
Teacher Estela Borja, Doctor of Fine Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is an illustrator and professional portrait artist. He has worked as a teacher in CREARTE Gallery, FESART School, AVAST Association Cartoon Studio and other institutions, teaching painting, realistic characters and cartoon character creation, and teaching art related courses. He was awarded the Certamen Nacional de Arte Joven de las Rozas Painting Prize in 2013. Teaching experience: 16 years.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Lecture time: Saturday, 14:30-16:00; 16:00-17:30; 17:30-19:00; 19:00-20:30
Class size: 3 students in class, 8 students maximum
Profesor David Puig Salcedo
Profesor David Puig Salcedo, estudió Bellas Artes desde temprana edad y actualmente es subdirector del Museo de Arte José Manaut y artista residente en el Instituto de Arte Vicent Andrés Estelles. Licenciada en Bellas Artes, doble Máster en Producción Artística y Educación Secundaria, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. En febrero de 2022 realizó una exposición individual en la galería Juventudes Campoamor de Valencia. Se especializa en retratos realistas. Experiencia docente: 6 años.
Público docente: adultos, niños.
Horario de la conferencia: jueves 17:30-20:30 (clase profesional), viernes 17:30-20:30 (estudio móvil)
Tamaño de la clase: clase profesional 3-5 estudiantes; estudio móvil 3 estudiantes en clase, 10 estudiantes máximo

Section of Language and Science

Languages: Chinese, Spanish, English and Valencian. Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Programming.


Teacher Cheung, Chinese.
Master’s degree from Wuhan University. Her undergraduate degree is Chinese language and literature. When she graduated, she was recommended for a master’s degree in Wuhan University, majoring in comparative literature and World culture. During her university studies, she was awarded the outstanding student of the College of Arts for two consecutive years, and was awarded the outstanding graduate when she graduated from the undergraduate program. Profesor Cheung has solid professional knowledge and is good at reading, writing and various language-related subjects. She is rigorous and careful in her teaching work and has been well received by the students.
Teaching audience: adults, children
Class time: Saturday 13:30-15:30, Grade 1; Saturday 15:30-17:30, Grade 3.
Class size: 3 students in class, 12 students maximum
Teacher Cristina Baenas, Spanish, Valencian, English.

Master of Education Administration and Instruction from Universidad CEU, Master of Secondary Education (English major) from Florida Universitaria, with degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. Participated in a number of teaching practices and research and development projects of teaching institutions in various regions of Valencia. She has been teaching bilingual Spanish and English for many years and is fluent in Spanish (mother tongue), English and Valencian (mother tongue). She currently works at Naranjo Private International School. Teaching experience: 7 years.

Teaching audience: adults, children

Science Division

Teacher Christian Duran Sueiro
He is a well-known expert in physics and mathematics education in Cuba, and has repeatedly explained math subjects to students about to take the college entrance examination in the local government’s educational programs. Graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure of the University of Havana with a degree in Physical-mathematical education. During his studies, he won eight awards. He was a physics and mathematics teacher and Head of the Science Department at Raul Cepero Bonilla High School (College Preparatory). Teaching experience: 9 years.
Languages for class: Spanish, English, Italian.
Teaching audience: students of Middle school and high school
(Two hours per class)
Teacher Álvaro

Profesor Alvaro, teacher of middle/high school Math, Physics, Chemistry, Programming (Android app programming, Web programming, Electronic device programming, etc.).
Dual Master in Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Systems Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia; Winner of the second Spanish National Award “The Future of Telecommunications”; Electronic Engineer training at the University of Gran Canaria. Teaching experience: 5 years.

Teaching language: Spanish, English
Teaching audience: students of Middle school and high school
Class time: 2 hours per class, Monday-Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday.
For course booking and course fees, please contact Academic Affairs.
Teacher Ali

Profesor Ali, specially appointed expert teacher of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
Bachelor of Physics, University of Valencia (with a Spanish Government scholarship), Master of Theoretical Physics, University of Sarajevo, PhD in Applied Physics and Technology, University of Salamanca (European Horizon Research Council funded project), currently PhD researcher, University of Valencia (government funded project). Fluent in 8 languages. Ali is a rare research-based teacher, having worked as a physics teacher at Richmond Park School in the UK, for which he has written textbooks. Ali also has extensive teaching experience, having taught students of all ages, from primary school to university. Teaching experience: 6 years. Teaching languages: Spanish, English, etc.

Teaching audience: teenagers

Specialized training

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